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Saturday 20 April 2024

Under 9 Association Championship Finals 2024

Essex under 9 splendidly finished 5th with 21.5 points out of 14 teams competing in the Finals.

The team started well in the first round with Sarwayogan’s aggressive attack taking the 1 st win of the
tournament followed by Joshua’s hunt to the opponents King in the centre and Charlie’s amazing
calculation of 7 moves ahead to deliver the checkmate.

In round 2, Grace’s opponent seems to be overwhelmed with the attacked on the queenside and
Oscar was surprised with the sacrifice made by the opponent which he successfully derailed plus
Mikhail’s delivery of a back rank checkmate all helped out in adding more points to the team.
After round 2, five teams were so closed to each other who were all fighting for a place in the
podium. Essex gathered 7.5 points in round 3 which was not enough to get to 3 rd place.
Yes we did not get a medal but the fondness of the players to each other and the lessons learned in
the games are more than enough to be part of the experienced, so well done players and thank you
parents for your unconditional support. In addition, I have noticed that in the competition Essex
players are almost always the last person to finish their games which I believed outstanding enough
to mention.

I want to express my gratitude to Grace Wilde who captained the team supporting the players in
different ways and to John Cawdery who assisted as a board steward all through out.
Here is the link to the final result

Kudos to the Essex under 9 team 2024.

Best Wishes,
Michael Catabay
Essex under 9 Team Manager

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